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Liticorp Ltd. is a
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Video Depositions

legal video production is our primary concern.

Liticorp Legal Video Specialists are the best in their field. Rigorously trained and certified in equipment specifications and deposition procedure, they are both technically proficient and knowledgeable in all state and federal rules regarding videotaping.

They use professional, state-of-the-art, 3-chip cameras, balanced microphone systems (including lapel mics for up to 10 attorneys), professional lighting and neutral backdrops.

Liticorp has all the equipment and experience for special situations. We excel in multi-camera shoots, including document camera/visualizer (Elmo) deployment and on-site video mixing.
Professional ethics are of vital concern to our staff, Liticorp videographers appreciate the weight of their duty to the court, and their demeanor reflects that understanding. Above all, they are accommodating, courteous, and professional.